Art has been a large part of my live since early childhood. In high school I took every art class I could find and then went on through college as an art major, graduating from California State College with a BA in art.

Two of my favorite disciplines have been Jewelry and Design.  With the advent of the computer age my interest in Digital Art was born.

Working in Digital Art and Cloisonné are at opposite ends of the continuum of what is demanded of me as an artist in that Digital Art is infinitely forgiving whereas Cloisonné is brutally exacting. The work I do in Fine Art and Photography can fall anywhere along this range.

Creating work in these diverse media along this entire spectrum from the playful, forgiving nature of Digital Art to the absolute unforgiving focus of Cloisonné gives me the greatest range of creativity and provides a wealth of excitement, joy and challenge.

In addition to art, one of my greatest passions is traveling and taking photographs of the amazing places and people that I find all around the world. My travels have taken me to Morocco, the Ivory Coast, Mali,  Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Nepal, Thailand, China, Japan, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Europe, Peru, Mexico and much of the USA. There are still a number of countries that are on my “must visit” list such as Greece, Australia and New Zealand.

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